Learning How to Build Your Core Muscles

Creating a strong core is important to help your whole body function correctly. The stabilizing muscles in the core are used to support your back so that you can maintain good balance and posture. There are a lot of quality core workouts that don’t just involve sit-ups and crunches. Diversify your workouts so that you get the most out of your core function. Here’s how you can build a stronger core.

How to Properly Do a Plank

A plank is a dynamic core workout that utilizes all of the body. It’s important that you perform this exercise safely to keep the core tight while not damaging any other parts in the process. It takes a bit of strength in the core to keep your back static. If you notice that you are bending your back more than normally, it’s okay to bend your knees a bit to get the balance. However, you should learn to keep your body elevated as you perform this routine more and more. Just make sure you don’t arch your back too much because it’s easy to sustain an injury. Hold your basic plank from 30 seconds to a minute. As you start getting good, you can increase the length of holding the position. Once you have this mastered, go to a one-legged plank for added difficulty.

Performing a One-Legged Plank to Increase the Difficulty

The next step includes the same concept except you are balancing on one leg. Make sure everything is tight as you hold yourself up while lifting your left leg. This requires balance so take it easy on your first go around. You should be able to do this without rotating your hips or making any other movement outside of the legs. Keep your back aligned correctly and the core tight. Do this for around 30 seconds then switch to the right leg. This engages your core, back, and legs to help make for a very solid core. This is just one variation you can do to help build your core muscle. However, the core isn’t just about the workout but stretching. This way you can loosen yourself up and help the core heal faster.

Stretching Out The Core to Help Strengthen Your Body

You should always take measures to stretch your core muscles. Even though the core is a stabilizing area, you can still get injuries there. A good way to start is by elongating your back. Lay on your stomach and slowly lift up with your hands. You should slightly arch your back while raising the chin a bit. This is a great way to stretch the lower back and core at the same time. Make sure you breathe while doing this so you can get more oxygen to your muscles. Hold this for 15-20 seconds. Sit down and then put your legs together in an meditative stance. Hold your legs while bending your back as you let your head go past your feet. This also stretches your core and back. After doing these workouts, please be sure to stretch so you can help strengthen and grow your abdominal muscles.